3oz SILVER Flocking Fiber

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Suede-Tex Flocking is the application of millions of tiny fibers onto an adhesive coated surface to create a velvet-like texture. Think of the fuzzy feel on the inside of a jewelry box or auto glove compartment – that’s flocking!

Suede-Tex rayon flocking gives a beautiful soft velvety finish that’s far superior to felt padding and much less trouble to apply. No cutting, no pasting and no wrinkles. Simply paint the special undercoat adhesive and then spray on the Suede-Tex fibers which are specially prepared rayon; dyed in rich fade resistant colors. Your finished surface will be lustrous, evenly napped and soft to touch. Flocking is ideal for lining boxes, drawers and for coating the bases of project pieces.
Flocking a project requires undercoat adhesive and flocking fibers which are sold separately. The first step is applying the adhesive by to the surface using a paint brush, roller or spray gun. Then apply the flocking fibers using the Mini Flocker puff sprayer to gently apply the fibers over the coated surface. Fibers may also be applied by pouring them onto the surface. Once coated, the extra fibers the adhesive did not capture can be collected and used on another project. Once dry, the flocked surface will be smooth and velvety looking.

Suede Tex Flocking: 3oz bag flocks approximately 15 sq. ft.