Correct tensioning for Timber Wolf blades

The directions for tensioning are on the back of every package, but to sum it up, unplug your machine, then install your blade on your machine, tensioning enough to keep the blade on the wheel.  The bottom of the gullets should be approximately in the middle of your tire.  Spin the wheel by hand to make sure the blade stays put.  Close your saw up and plug it back in.  Turn the power on and while watching your blade, slowly de-tension it, little by little, until the blade flutters (or what looks like you plucked a guitar string or the bow string on a bow and arrow).  (You need to do this slowly as the tension of the blade will change with each turn of the tension knob.  Let the blade settle in a few revolutions, then de-tension a little more. )  Once the blade flutters, stop de-tensioning it and begin to re-tension the blade, again little by little.  Once the blade stops fluttering and your blade looks like a nice, straight black line, give the tension rod one more full turn and you should be at the correct tension.  Turn off your saw.  Everyone's saw is a little different, so you can now test the blade by giving it a little side to side push.  The blade should give about 1/8".  Also, if you look at your gauge, it will probably register at one blade size less than the actual width size you are using, or somewhere between that lower size and the size you are using.  Now, take a piece of scrap wood and make a cut.  The blade should track true.  If not, you may need to adjust a little up or down on the tension.    

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